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Journey Through The Infinite Mind

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Katya De Luisa

Katya De Luisa is an advocate and dementia educator residing in Costa Rica, where she is the coordinator/director of the Dementia Education for Rural Costa Rica project.
She is an
author and freelance writer focusing on dementia education, healthy aging, and personal self-development. Her book, Journey Through the Infinite Mind, centers on the science & spirituality of dementia and is published in two languages.

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Journey Through The Infinite Mind

This book provides more than the mainstream dementia information. It combines practical care suggestions, narratives and empathy building exercises designed to put the reader in the shoes of persons with dementia focusing on the holistic principals of mind, body, spirit.

“While outlining her approach to dementia, Katya takes the reader through her own journey, often soul searching and powerful. Shea asks many of the questions that have puzzled mankind: questions about consciousness, the mind, the soul and reality. She pulls information from diverse sources: science, neurology, medicine, art, religion and history, then combines this information with her personal experiences to weave a fascinating story of philosophical possibilities. Her personal examples and interactions with individuals with dementia increase our understanding of the concepts she explores.”

-Thomas Scoloda Ph.D.
Retired Psychologist, Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

This book not only presents the basic neuroscience of dementia but also combines practical tips on care along with narratives and exercises designed to help the reader step into the shoes of a person with dementia. The information then directs the reader’s attention from the human experience of dementia t an exploration of the spiritual journey the soul travels during progression.

If we are spiritual beings having a human experience why are millions of souls worldwide experiencing Alzheimer’s and other dementias?

Most spiritual and religious beliefs revolve around letting go of worldly attachments and as the symptoms of dementia progress, the person eventually seems to disengage completely from this reality. But, are they really gone, or are they experiencing a spiritual journey?



The DEMENTIA LEARNING INSTITUTE book sales and service fees help support the travel expenses of the dementia education in rural areas of Costa Rica. This is a volunteer run initiative.

Please consider gifting to this valuable cause.

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