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Customized Workshops/Trainings

Dementia Care Around The World

“Designing an educational experience without an understanding of the brain
is like designing a glove without understanding the human hand.”
-Leslie Hart-





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Our family caregiver workshops and professional training seminars are available for both online or in-person bookings, locally or internationally.

Contact us for booking details.

International bookings include travel and accommodation expenses.

Bookings & Details

The DEMENTIA LEARNING INSTITUTE book sales and service fees help support the travel expenses of the dementia education in rural areas of Costa Rica. This is a volunteer run initiative.

Please consider gifting to this valuable cause.

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1. Family Caregivers:
The family workshops center on finding solutions that address the challenges of home caregiving, maintaining emotional bonds, improving communication, and personal self-care.

2. Home Care Planning:
Care planning for your loved one in the family home includes:
a. Assessment of your loved one’s cognitive decline and remaining abilities
b. Home care staff training
c. Detailed written care plan with staff scheduling
d. Home safety assessment

3. Eldercare Staff:
This specialized staff training focuses on the challenges professional eldercare staff encounters both working in a facility or as a privately contracted family home caregiver.

4. Medical Professionals
Medical professional training primarily concentrates on improving communication and interaction with patients.

Bookings & Details
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