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Playing in a Tunnel

James, in the non-verbal stages of dementia, usually wandered aimlessly. However, during a collage session with his wife, he was able to indicate the images he wanted. Mary started to sob and said, “Until he chose the I’m ok, I’m alive phrase, I doubted he was even aware of anything anymore.”



2 hours

CCT is a therapeutic picture conversation technique for those with dementia. Discover the power of collage images and guided conversation to increase interaction, revive memories, boost cognitive abilities and reduce depression.


What will it cover?

Materials Required:

8x11” spiral bound sketch book (blank pages)

Small scissors, glue stick, three magazines, & pen

Session 1: CCT Introduction

1. Memory function

2. Why images trigger memories

3. How CCT works and why it is effective

4. Review of collages done by persons with dementia

5. Overview of the process

6. The benefits of CCT

10-minute break

Session 2: CCT Procedure

1. Preparation of materials

2. How to do the CCT process (step by step)

3. Create your own personal picture journal page

4. Demonstration of CCT process with person with dementia

5. Create a guided conversation

6. Interpret non-verbal communication cues

7. Learn what questions and words to use. What to avoid.


1. Various collage activity suggestions

2. Questions & Answers

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Playing in a Tunnel

The DEMENTIA LEARNING INSTITUTE book sales and service fees help support the travel expenses of the dementia education in rural areas of Costa Rica. This is a volunteer run initiative.

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“When you change the way you look at something, it changes”.

What is the course like?

This CCT course is easy and fun, yet it’s more than just an art activity. It’s a very effective therapeutic activity enabling family and caregivers to interact and emotionally connect with the person with dementia even in later stages.

What will you achieve?

CCT provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the use of both verbal and non-verbal communication, and how to use magazine images, collage construction and guided conversation to increase empathy, develop mutual trust and friendship with your loved one or patient.

Can other members of the family participate?

Collage making is a simple activity that every member of the family can participate in even children.

Can the schedule be modified?

CCT is easily incorporated into the home care routine, during nursing home visits or in in facility run group activities.

Your seminar presented dementia information in a way that non-professionals easily understood. Our ombudsmen could hardly wait to share this information at the nursing homes they were assigned.


Beth Simpson

Long-term care Ombudsman Program 

Missouri Agency on Aging

If you're ready to enroll, click on the button to register and get all details and payment options.


Or Contact Me on WhatsApp

+506 8706 0496

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